Latista Field

Latista Field is a secure, cloud-based software solution proven to reduce costly rework, delays and paperwork while increasing efficiencies in the construction industry. Successful builders worldwide have adopted the Latista software solution to ensure the highest level of quality throughout the construction process. This mobile solution is designed to meet the unique needs of people in the field. The construction management software app works with a web-based cloud platform to connect the field to the office to ensure seamless access and real collaboration.


Automate your quality control procedures on any project with configurable workflows, electronic forms, checklists and inspection/issue status.


Implement your project or company-wide safety program. Schedule and track inspections and automatically notify responsible parties of issues to be addressed.

BIM in the Field

Use 3D building model software to visualize the architectural and engineering designs that govern how construction should proceed.

Punch List

Manage thousands of issues directly on project drawings. Attach marked up drawings, photos, sketches or any reference material to automatically dispatch reports to responsible parties — all with the touch of a finger.


Bring your existing paper forms, workflows and commissioning process requirements into the cloud so you can use them in the field.

Reports & Analytics

Find problems before they start. Gain insight and optimize performance with business intelligence that highlights key indicators and trends, making it easy to track project performance.

Job Pics

Capture, view and share your project’s visual construction progress with ease and mobility.


Locate your documents quickly and painlessly without needing to take the long walk back to the trailer.